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Born in Detroit, MI, now living in Atlanta GA - Queen Sheba is the co-founder of Poetry vs. Hip-Hop the production and the organization, a Int’l 4 Countries Slam Champion, two time National Poetry Slam Champ, three time Regional Poetry Slam Champ and a WOWps Finalist. Sheba is also a featured performer on season two of Verses and Flow, brought to you by Lexus on TV One, and has been on Spoken, a featured poet on Lyric Café on BET, 106 & Park, the Apollo and the feature length film Spit. Sheba has six albums, two of which were up for a Grammy under the Spoken Word category and she is a two-time NAACP Image Award Nominee. Her works have appeared in numerous anthologies, magazines including Vibe Online and the focus of college student’s papers. Queen Sheba has two books: From Foster Care to Fame short stories and poems too long for three minutes and Run Ugly! A motivational book for runners. With a Masters in Poetry from Queens University Spoken Word artist, motivational speaker, comedian, and bathroom concert singer, Sheba tours internationally and has conducted performances and workshops at over 200 colleges and universities domestic and abroad.

"Sheba's stories are honest, funny, poignant and necessary. Her poetic memoir is a celebration of survival, and demonstrates the power and capacity of a young woman's heart. Poems save lives, and I am thankful this particular writer is full of life, and sharing her world with the rest of us." -jessica Care moore Publisher, Author Moore Black Press

"Queen Sheba is a dynamic performer…."- Nikki Giovanni

I've known Bethsheba Rem over a decade; her drive to share a gift was both evident and clear on day one. When a writer has the moxy and chops to bathe in what most consider the ether of discomfort; that which is yet, for a few of us, you know those of us who bask in exposing our innards for the greater good: Ms. Rem has long written well enough to simultaneously move souls and help minds wax toward true light. -Taalam Acey MBA Rutgers University Internationally Acclaimed Poet & Political Activist

"Anyone who complains that spoken-word poetry is boring and predictable hasn't heard Queen Sheba's Domino Affect …"


"In Long Story Short From Foster Care to Fame," Bethsheba A. Rem is so unapologetically herself. She offers no buffers. No filters. No edits. She graces the page with her most raw, authentic, and uninhibited honesties, stories, and realities. She embraces a style of ancient epic poetry: extended in its storytelling - full, expansive, and vast. No moments are left unnoticed. No details are left untouched. Bethsheba has used her pen, her voice, and her words to usher us towards a glimpse of her soul. What a triumph - no morsel of her body silenced in her telling of her journey. If only we could all be so brave - no matter what our own truths." - Caroline Rothstein M.S. Graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. "A wryly witty and complex portrait of a post-black, hip-hop, pro-fem champion of off-beat outcaste everywhere; Her work is a hybrid: part-narrative, part spoken word on page. Bethsheba vacillates between glee and pain--love and anger--her contradiction is her strength. Her poems are bullets that pierce vessels. We are forever disarmed" -Khalilah Ali Ph.D author "The Dao of Womanist Hip-Hop" 

“Bethsheba A. Rem’s life is a wonderful example of how extreme adversity can create compelling art. Her story reads like a gripping novel, complete with abandonment, betrayal and ultimately, triumph.” - Rolling Out Magazine

Colleges & UniversitY APPEARANCES 

Amherst (3xs for Voices for the Voiceless Poetry Concert) 
Birmingham Community College
Bloomington Ill, Regional College
Bowie State –Opened for Floetry
Chicago State
Clark Atlanta Davidson College – Charlotte, NC
Duke University
East Tennessee State
Frome England
GA State
Hampton – multiple appearances
James Madison University
Johnson and Wales – Miami
Longwood College  
Mary Grove College – Detroit, MI
More House – multiple appearances
Morgan State
Norfolk State - multiple appearances
Old Dominion University – multiple appearances
Oneonta College 

Rhodes College
Savannah, State Spelman College
SW Community Center for Children
Sweet Briar College
Temple University
Thomas Nelson Community College
Tidewater Community Colleges: Chesapeake , Norfolk, VA Beach
U of DC
University of Ill, Champaign Urbana-Poet in Residence
University of Kentucky –The K Women’s Writers Conference ‘05
University of Mass
University of Memphis
University of Michigan University of Mississippi
University of Ohio
University of Rochester
University of VA
VA State
VA Wesleyan
Western Carolina University
William and Mary


Don’t Be Stupid Webasode Host for Tommy Ford (Martin/Harlem Nights) 
Guest Host a week at the Funny Bone Richmond, VA for Rodney Perry (co-host of the Monique Show) 
Several hosting gigs for the Comedy Zone: Charlotte, Johnson City, TN, Ft. Mill celebrities include: Jimmy JJ Walker, Dave Martin and many more

Television and Radio

Season 2 – Verses & Flow September 2012 –
NAACP Image Award Nominee
2x 106 & Park BET BET’s Lyric Café Featured Poet
Amateur Night at the Apollo
Good Morning Antigua – Antigua, West Indies Turner South-
My South Speaks BBC –England

Conferences & Seminars

Take Back the Night – two time Keynote Speaker

Furious Flower – James Madison University Gwendolyn Brooks Writers Conference NICOSTY Conference for Teachers and Social Workers 2 time speaker Mothers against the War march Caucus for Negro Women DC 

Ethiopian Embassy AIDS –lecture/performance Shades Retreat – LGBT Women of Color Alternate Roots 2009 & 10 

Int'L Performances

Antigua, West Indies Accra, Ghana – West Africa Panafest International Music Festival Cuba – Study Holland-Amsterdam & Rotterdam
Toronto, Canada Cannes, France Paris, France Edinburgh, Scotland
Frome, England
London, England
Munich, Germany
Kysaslouter, Germany
Oxford, England

Awards & Honors

Awarded Book Serge book deal ‘05
Virginia Fellowship Winner for an individual artist Poets & Writers Artist Grants
Nominated for NAACP Image Award for participation in the Anthology
Check the Rhyme from Lit Noire Publishing, Nyc
Nominated: APCA Poetry Performer of the Year


Nominated for NAACP Image Award for participation in the
Anthology Check the Rhyme from Lit Noire Publishing, Nyc
Creative Loafing
National Poetry Feature for Rolling Out Magazine Essence Magazine
Vibe Magazine Online
Portfolio Weekly Magazine Cover Story
Spoken Vizions Magazine Cover Story The Virginia-Pilot multiple appearances

Published Books 

2012- Long Story Short: From Foster Care to Fame Long-er Poems & Short
Two Fingers Press – Chicago, IL 

2012- Run Ugly! A motivational book for runners – or people thinking about running
Below the Radar Publishing – Atlanta, GA

Poetry Discography

SHEBATAR: Inside the World of Queen Sheba 2001-Future 2010 Running for a Spoken Word Grammy Domino Affect Vol.2: Follow the movement 2009 running for a Spoken Word Grammy 

Domino Affect 2007 

2006 Los Angeles, CA Just Plain Folks Album of Year for Spoken Word for ‘Get Familiar’ disc 2 

I confess… -1st album 10/01 The Message 2nd album 6/02 

The Truth 3rd album 6/03 

Get Familiar 4th album (double) 7/05