Run Ugly!

a motivational book for runners … or people that want to be runners … or

people that didn’t know they wanted to be runners and now they’re hooked!

You know you’re a runner when … you sleep in your running clothes the night before a race.

Over 100+ witty, enjoyable, motivating answers to this fill in the blank statement. This

fun-size book fits right in your back pocket, purse or running bag within reach whenever

you need a reason, or several to keep running!

A professional writer, Sheba opens the book with a glimpse into her running career;

starting when she was late for her school bus; through her near Olympic trial and

rekindling her relationship with running and fitness as an adult. Sheba engages the reader

with her honest encounters while struggling with weight gain and addictions to food and

how to combat them first while taking on running as a positive management source.

Bethsheba has over 25 years of running experience. At the age of 12 she joined the

Detroit Cheetah Track Club, and competed in meets across the country and Canada

specializing in the 800m, while also competing in the1600m, 4x400, 4x800 and Cross


Sheba let the medals collect dust, pursued a career and started a family immediately after

college only running for weight management and stress relief. After the challenge to run

her first Half Marathon in 2010, she is the over all female winner for the inaugural Black

Girls Run! 10K race in Atlanta, GA September 16 th 2012; has lost over 30lbs, belted six

Half Marathons, countless 5Ks, five 10Ks, one Marathon Relay, and has PR’d in both the

5K and Half Marathon with more aggressive race goals ahead.

Sheba started the BGR ATL and Charlotte Speed Training group runs, is called upon

frequently to advise several others, gives workshops, and running clinics on Speed

Training and creates 5/10K workout plans for beginners and is a member of: the Half

Fanatics, Black Marathoners, Nike+, Phidippides, Charlotte Runners Meet Up groups and

volunteers frequently at for the Atlanta Track Club and several adult and youth races.

Her future running career goals include, becoming a pace leader for half marathons,

running a full marathon at 40 for her bucket list and touring the country discussing the

Psychology of a Runner.